The signari are five symbols derived from the Empyrean language that herald the current signar, or "state" of Alevius. A signar is the time period in which a signarus remains etched on the side of an Empyrean conduit. Each signarus also specifies the conditions that are presently occuring on Alevius during their 20 year period. An age is finished when all signari have been completed over the 100 year span, and the cycle resumes.

It is currently the 11th Lyrikan Age, placing humanity's formally recorded civilization at ~1100 years, or the ~55th signar to some. The structure of dates are usually seen as Day/Month/Year - Signar/Age, however it has also been seen as Day/Year - Signar/Age.

Many mages believe that each signar represents an individual portion of Empyreal energy that is being funneled into Alevius while its corresponding signarus is placed on the conduits.

Humanity, besliari and asikarti believe each signarus to be an individual god, whereas lytherian cultures and yulaniari believe each to be representative of the essences that have been severed from Alevius during whichever signar their vessels perished. The truth, however, is somewhere in between. Each signarus is indeed an individual entity, but more likely than not holds dominion over essences that are severed from Alevius at death.

The Cycle of an AgeEdit

An age lasts one hundred years in Alevius. It is divided among the five signari evenly.

The first signar is known as Lyrin, which translates to bountiful or prosperous in Lyrikan. It is known for its unusually large crop yield, good fortune to those who practice virture and is seen as a respite from Barish. Many choose to begin rebuilding the human race after the devastation usually caused by the previous signar.

Hentor is the second signar. In Lyrikan, it translates to scorching. Heat waves begin to encompass many areas of Alevius, making some of the central regions nearly inhosipitable. Crops will usually grow in the more temerate regions, though many seek shelter from the sweltering heat pressing down upon the world.

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